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Install Drum Mics Perfectly In Order To Gain The Maximum Sound!!

June 15th, 2015

Every musician’s dream is to have the perfect music equipments, which can take his music up to another level. But the most important of the entire musical instrument are the drum mics. They have to be of the best quality in order to emit the perfect sound. But a lot also depends on the quality of the drums you are using and the quality of your entire drum kit. They also have to be placed in the perfect position and the positions will obviously depend on the type of drum that you will be using. There are a lot of factors that you have to consider in order to get the best sound from your device.

Some factors that should be considered before you buy a drum mic

Some factors that should be considered before you consider buying a drum mic are as follows-

  • The drums have to be of good quality. Normally, the rule is that the more costly the drums and the drum kit are the better quality sound they will produce. So before spending a lot of money on drum mic get a good quality drum kit first.
  • Consider the adaptability of the drum mic with your drum. Not all drums are compatible with all types of mics and that is a factor you have to keep in mind.
  • Consider the type of drums that you are about to buy. There are a variety of drum types like the kick drums, cymbals and toms toms as well as acoustic ones. So decide for what are you going to buy the drum mics and choose your drum accordingly.

Some ways by which you can get perfect sound from drum mics

There are some ways by which you can get the best quality of sound from your drum mic. Some such techniques are-

  • The placement of the mics is of extreme importance. The mics have to be placed as close to the drum as possible and at a feasible angle to get the maximum angle.
  • If the drum mic is to be adjusted or has to be moved from its previous perfect position, then remember to move just a single inches and not several inches. A displacement of original position by several inches will affect the sound output to a large extent.
  • One thing that has to be kept in mind when you decide to buy a drum mic is that, in live audience nothing depends on you. While you have the best mics, if the speaker does not work well or the equaliser does not work properly, then it will be a failed effort altogether.
  • Excellent skill is required to play drums on a professional level. Only if you play on an exceptional level can you get exceptional sound from the drum mic.

Drum mics are the essential requirement of any musician and thereby caution should be exercised when you decide to buy one. Research well about the drum mic before you go on to buy them, this will help you to get the best drum mic available in the market.