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Things You Should Know When Buying Blundstone Boots

May 16th, 2015

Purchasing of shoes or boots can be a very daunting task especially if you do not have adequate knowledge about the kind of boots available in the market. In our discussion below, we feature some of the most sought after blundstone boots Sydney that you should look at next time you go shopping and tips on fitting the boots.

The top blundstone safe boots that you should consider

a) Style 98

The style 98 is one of the best selling blundstone safety boots that you can buy. They come with an outsole meant to increase on resistance. This reduces on the chances of slipping when using them. They have a 150 mm height wheat nubuck ankle together with a padded tongue. For thermal regulation, they have a bamboo made lining. The low-density polyurethane helps in absorbing shock whereas the steel shark provides maximum stability when using the boots no matter the terrain you are walking. In addition, they have broad fitting joule for the provision of resistance.

b) Style 997

The boots feature a black platinum high quality upper part that provides ultimate protection against water. The heavy-duty zips with fasteners makes fitting of the boots less demanding. They also have padded collar and tongue. The low-density polyurethane midsole assist in absorbing shocking. The manufacturer came up with the boots mainly to increase on slip resistance in any environment that you may be working. The outer sole is oil and water resistant making the boots long lasting. The quality boots can resist heat up to 300 degrees centigrade.

c) Style 996

The chestnut made boots have a water resistant upper. The reflective strips give them an attractive look that you will definitely fall in love with upon seeing them. The polyurethane midsole help in shock absorbing. For maximum stability, they have a steel shank that makes them good for use in different environments.

d) Style 993

The style 993 boots feature crazy horse leather made ankle. The upper part of the boots is water resistant hence; you can wear them to any place. They have come with a seven-eyelet lace looking device as well as a padded tongue. The steel shank of these boots ensures stability when used.

Tips on fittings blundStone safety boots

While shopping, you will come across different fits from various models. Those with the large chunked sole will be among the highest in number. In case you have a high arch, it may be tricky to pick on the right boot to buy. To fit the boot before establishing whether it is the best for you, open them with the help of pull-tabs and then proceed to slide your foot beginning with the sideways. The rise you will feel while wearing them is because of the shock absorbers. Because of them not having laces, you will notice that they are a bit loose as compared to any other boots you may come across in the market. The boots do not stretch in their length but the width stretches slightly. After cleaning them, avoid forcing them to dry in with the help of heaters or air conditioners. The promising thing about the boots is that the more wear out the cooler they will appear.

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