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How To Choose The Best Aviator Sunglasses According To Your Face Shape

February 22nd, 2015

No matter how good looking some models of sunglasses are, they no longer seem so attractive when you put them on. They are simply not designed for your face. They are too large for your small face or perhaps they are too small for your prominent jaws. Some other sunglasses make your face look square, while others make you look like a bug. There are plenty of examples out there. Some of them are funny, but others are quite discouraging, especially if you have actually fallen in love with a specific model. All in all, in order to avoid trying all kinds of styles and brands, make sure that you guide yourself by the face shape. The physiognomy dictates what shapes match you better. From that point on, you just need to reach to Sunglass Picks and explore the numerous reviews and tips.

Heart shaped face

Heart shaped faces come with wide foreheads and sharp chins. If you count yourself in this category, you might want some sunglasses to draw the attention to the bottom part of your face. Opt for wide and large sunglasses, especially in the lower part. You should also hunt the best aviator sunglasses because they can perfectly sweeten you up a little. Jennifer Love Hewitt is a perfect example. When it comes to contraindications, avoid “cat” sunglasses, as well as those models with lateral embellishments.

Square face

The square face has a similar width in the forehead, cheeks and jaws. The square line of the jaw represents the most obvious characteristic. Women with such a face are supposed to stick to sound and oval solutions, only to calm the angles down. You can opt for oversize sunglasses, but also for the best aviator sunglasses. If you like Nicole Richie, you have probably noticed already that these are the models she sticks to. Stay away from square sunglasses because they will make your face shape even more obvious.

Oval face

Julie Roberts has an oval face. This is considered to be one of the most balanced shapes out there. The margins are long, while the forehead is tall and wide. The chin is round and underlines a perfect visual balance. This type of face can accommodate most types of sunglasses – oversize, square, round and so on. When not sure what to choose between round and square sunglasses, you might want to focus on the square ones because they blur your facial lines a little.

Round face

A round face is described by full cheeks, while the facial structure is defined by a symmetrical and uniform appearance, without any angles or lines. Sharpening the face might be a good idea, so opt for geometrical shapes. Tight and rectangular sunglasses lengthen and narrow the face. It is highly recommended to avoid square models though. For example, you can follow Drew Barrymore’s idea and stick to aviator sunglasses with round margins on top and a square frame at the bottom. They look excellent and they ameliorate the round appearance a little.