Review of The Historical Society of Bellport-Brookhaven

The Historical Society of Bellport-Brookhaven is a nonprofit local organization in Long Island, New York, that is devoted to preserving and interpreting the important historical past of Long Island in general and the Bellport, Brookhaven, and East Patchogue region in particular.


In this article, we take a closer look at Bellport-Brookhaven’s history and the Historical Society while in other posts on this website, we’ll review and highlight other important moments, locations, and events in the rich history and cultural heritage of the United States.

The Bellport-Brookhaven Historical Society is pursuing its important quest through the organization’s museum with its fine collections and exhibitions, the historic house where they are located, exchange shop, educational programs, publishing historically important material, and outreach programs to engage the local community. Continue reading “Review of The Historical Society of Bellport-Brookhaven”

The Bellport-Brookhaven Museum Complex – The Barn Museum

The Barn Museum is giving visitors an intimate and detailed glimpse into the lives of people who lived on the shores of Bellport Bay for over four centuries. The Barn Museum includes six major historic structures and buildings situated on two acres right in the heart of beautiful Bellport Village.


Post-Crowell House

This is the centerpiece of the museum complex. This house in Federal-style was constructed by Hiram Post in 1833. Post, a master ship-builder, erected the $800 house using square nails and wooden pegs while using wood of the highest available quality and he also used extra girth floor beams. Located behind this main house you can find the original historic Milk House that highlights local dairy practices.

Ralph Brown Building

In 1980, Ralph Brown donated this former hardware store to the Bellport-Brookhaven Historical Society. The building was constructed by Watkins and Robinson in the period 1875-1900 and served to house their business while they were developing Bell Street. Watkins and Robinson were Bellport’s major builders in those years. This way of constructing commercial buildings was at one time common across Long Island.

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Bellport Exchange Shop

The Bellport Exchange Shop (also referred to as the “Barn Museum Shop”), is located in a gorgeous and well-kept historic building at 12 Bell Street in Bellport, New York. The Village of Bellport is found on beautiful Long Island, about half an hour’s drive east-southeast of Hauppauge on Long Island’s southern shores. To get an impression of Bellport, check out this video:

The Bellport Exchange Shop is a lovely Historic Shop, really a must-visit if you’re in the area. You can find unique gifts at very affordable prices here and the shop is super-organized and well-appointed to let you find your treasure easily.

The Exchange Shop is run by Bellport-Brookhaven’s Historical Society members and is the best place to meet Bellport Village’s locals support the operations with all their hearts and the vibe and friendliness of the village can be felt here best.

The Exchange Shop of Bellport-Brookhaven’s Historical Society has always welcomed new consignments will start to accept consignments for the upcoming season on May 16 (Wednesday) and then on subsequent Wednesdays as well from 10 am to noon.

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Bellport 2019 Summer Activities

Whether you’re just visiting Bellport Village or you call Bellport your hometown, you really shouldn’t miss any of the upcoming events happening in this beautiful part of Long Island! Bellport offers some fantastic attractions so if you’re looking for some fine entertainment on Long Island, Bellport is the place to be.

Check out the following summer events in Bellport. There are lots of activities for the entire family and also free summer concerts at the Bellport Bandshell.

Market At Memory Lane

This great antique and collectibles market is open every day of the week from Thursday, March 21 through Sunday, June 30. Here, you can enjoy an incredible selection of collectibles, antiques, comics toys, jewelry, and a lot much more. Free event.
Memory Lane, 10 Farber Drive, Suite 20, Bellport, NY 11713, Phone: 631-394-8299

Free Summer Concerts (Bellport Bandshell)

Starting Friday, Jun 28 through Saturday, August 31, you can enjoy the best music acts in Bellport at the Bellport’s Bandshell. All performances start at 8 pm. The 2019 schedule is:

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Bellport Attractions

If you love wonderful food served in a friendly atmosphere, Bellport is a great destination. Many places in this waterfront village offer a wide variety of excellent dishes, made from the freshest ingredients at reasonable prices. The summers here are very agreeable but in cold winters, the Great South Bay may freeze over. Check out the following video to see how sailors slide boats across the ice on skates:

You will not want to miss a visit to this lovely little waterfront town, where you can walk the beach, stay in a charming bed and breakfast, and catch a show at the Gateway Theatre. Check out their, special events, and now that the weather is warming up you may want to eat on the porch.

Bellport is a charming little town in a part of Long Island loaded with activities to suit any taste. There is much more to see and do than what is described here, but if you are wondering about area attractions here are a few suggestions to get you started.

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Bellport Village welcomed St. Patrick’s Day

This is a review of Bellport Village St. Patrick’s Day in 2018. Bellport’s Fire Department presented their 3rd annual St. Patrick’s Day parade on Saturday, March 17, 2018. The festivities kicked off at 11 am when the parade set off from Station Road and 2nd Street to go through Main Street on its way to the Bellport firehouse. There are more small-town St. Patrick’s Day parades like the one in this video in Westhampton Beach on Long Island:

Shawn Krulder was the Bellport Parade’s organizer and he was looking forward to the third annual parade that started out so humbly. In 2015, fire department personnel started to set up some springtime activities and they were wondering why Bellport Village never had its own St. Patrick’s Day parade while the village was perfect for doing that

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Interview with Emily Ferrier Czaja – Bellport Artist

I had the pleasure of visiting with Emily (EM) Czaja– an extraordinary lady. She knows Bellport like, well, let’s put it this way. She was born and raised here and was the Village historian for more than 20 years. If you want to know anything about Bellport, Em probably has the answer.

But there is the other side of Em – the artist. And this was the reason for my visit. Mrs. Czaja very generously donated a large collection of her watercolors, pen and inks, paintings, and artwork to the Bellport Brookhaven Historical Society.

When Did You Begin Painting?
I began drawing as a child but had no formal training. I took lessons from local artists such as Ruth and Jerry Grace and Jody Love. Then it was my turn, and I taught classes to local ladies who met in Olga Roe’s home. What Mediums Do You Like or Dislike? My favorite mediums are pen and ink and watercolors. I now work with markers; they are so handy, and they dry instantaneously.

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Bellport Bay Sailing Foundation

BBSF-Bellport Bay Sailing Foundation

Bellport Bay is a protected lagoon separated from the Atlantic Ocean by a barrier island, Fire Island. The Bellport Bay Sailing Foundation (BBSF) offers sailing programs to support children in their sailing learning activities and the Foundation relies heavily on the contribution and work of volunteers. Just check out following impression of what sailing in Bellport is all about. Though the images are somewhat outdated, they give you a nice idea of what it involves:

Parents help the BBSF in many ways through the parent of the day program, by organizing social events, and helping in some of the other volunteer needs that the Foundation has. BBSF also works closely with the Bellport Bay Yacht Club to introduce adults to sailing. Volunteering is a great way to get introduced to new people and to a great outdoor activity.

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Today, We Celebrate Sergeant Stubby

Today, November 11, is Veterans Day. Truth is, no one really knows why we celebrate Veterans Day every year. Is it for the veterans?

Sergeant Stubby

Before he was a Sarge in WORLD WAR I, Mr. Stubby attended Yale University. He mostly wandered around campus, eating garbage and sniffing dirty underwear. Until one fine sunny afternoon, he came across a group of soldiers during their infantry training session. Being his usual beloved self, he befriended some of the soldiers.

They happened to be training for the great war and thought that Stubby could be a valuable member of their team. So they decided he should come with them to fight (hands down, the best decision they ever made). Problem was, Mr. Stubby wasn’t in the military and so was not technically invited. Stubby technically didn’t give a damn about any of that, so when it was time to head overseas, Stubs snuck on a ship to France, then snuck back off.

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Education in America some 110 years ago – 1909

My oh my, how time flies! It seems like only yesterday when only 6% of all Americans graduated from high school, the average salary was 22 cents per hour, and the average age was 47. On the home front, only 14% of homes had a bathtub and 8% of homes had a telephone. Sugar cost four cents a pound, eggs were fourteen cents a dozen, and coffee was fifteen cents a pound.

There were 8000 cars and only 144 miles of paved roads. The maximum speed limit in most cities was 10 mph. The leading cause of death was pneumonia and influenza. Considering how far we’ve advanced in 100 years, I wonder what it will be like in 2119?


John Deitz, Brookhaven Hamlet historian, spoke to a standing-room-only crowd on Sunday. Before John began, he announced: “this is my third and final presentation of ‘Brookhaven Hamlet Cultural Heritage 101’.” Luckily, the event was filmed and will be available on John generously donated his slides and slide board to the Society for use in a future exhibit.

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Saratoga Springs: A Historic Treasure and a Destination for All Seasons

Saratoga Springs is both historic as well as alive today with tourism and culture. Once recognized by the Native Americans for its abundant mineral springs, which were thought to hold many curative powers, became a hotbed of the tourism industry before such things as tourism were even thought of.

The Native Americans brought Sir William Johnson to the springs to help his injuries as early and the mid-1700s and later even George Washington visited this mineral wonderland.

The man who actually put the springs on the map was its first entrepreneur, Gideon Putnam. Putman developed the land he owned putting up a hotel and baths for visitors who soon were arriving at the spa in great numbers. By the mid-1830s hotels and spas had sprung up all over as rail transportation allowed easier access. With the addition of train service, visitors from New York City thronged to the spa.

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